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Necessity Services has grown to what it is today, from an original television aerial & satellite dish installation company, formed in 1990 by Mark Crowther.

In 1988 I became aware of new technology, that meant you could point a satellite dish towards the sky and receive several television channels, some of which were dedicated to particular genres, there was a music channel, a sports channel and a film channel not to mention several different foreign language channels.

This to me was a revelation, bearing in mind at that time the UK viewer had access to just four television channels.

Look what we have now!!

I always had a personal interest in Physics (I just wish I could understand it better!), and was fascinated that you could position a satellite at a certain distance above the Earth, where it would travel at the same speed as the Earth, therefore appearing stationary (Geo-stationary Orbit!) and then be able to transmit television channels to our homes.

I wanted to learn more, so I began working for a small local company installing motorized satellite TV systems (what I still call “proper satellite!”). These move, and track the arc above the earth that the satellites are stationed on, before settling upon the required satellite. Initially this was for the local Italian community, who could then access their equivalent of BBC1 (RAI UNO), and BBC2 (RAI DUE), and a few other entertainment channels.

English-speaking services were soon on the scene with British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB) & Sky Television doing battle for the home market. Sky Television launched and began broadcasting four channels in February of 1989, with BSB launching 13 months later in March 1990. Despite BSBs technology generally considered to be better than Sky, the head start that Sky had gained proved too much of an advantage. With both companies suffering huge financial losses they announced a programming merger effective from 01st December 1990, also, coincidentally, to be my first self-employed day!

From the installation of domestic satellite systems it was a natural progression to improve peoples’ terrestrial TV reception from their aerials, as there were no terrestrial TV channels on the satellite platform until 2003.

After several years of building up a strong customer base with a lot of repeat custom for additional works, it became clear that it gave customers great peace of mind to be able to call upon tradesmen that they trusted.

Simultaneously, technology was constantly changing and updating, leading to the world we live in today where so much in our lives is integrated. With these two factors in mind, customer trust and technology integration, we began to offer home security services with burglar alarms and CCTV, as well as data related services such as additional ethernet and wireless access points (WAP).

For several years we have also been working in the commercial sector. We started primarily with the supply and installation of Communal TV Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) for small local, and large national building companies, via our network of Electrical Contractors, to serve anywhere from two, to hundreds, of flats.

In the commercial sector, we also found the value of customer trust and technology integration, being contracted to undertake the additional installation of Door Access Control, Automatic Opening Vent (AOV), Burglar Alarm, CCTV and Structured Cabling systems.

In the same way that a residential customer finds benefits with using one company for several trades, so can a main contractor. As a result of Necessity Services providing a range of services, contractors benefit from having one central contact. This makes it easier to fit several tasks in with a build program, remain within the budget and maintain a high standard of workmanship.

Our philosophy has always been to treat every home, business or construction site as if it were our own, and to carry out the job in hand as though it were being done for ourselves.

I hope that you find our website easy to navigate and can find what you are looking for.

If you feel that we can be of service to you, you simply have any questions, or to arrange a free site survey, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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